Street Sm(Art)

Just caught wind of a really talented Belgian street artist that goes by DZIA. Dzia is about to embark on a 30 night creative enterprise

Each nights for 30 consecutive nights I attempted to make something creative. And put these objects on the street the next morning. These will be found objects, sculptures , sketches, collage or whatever. So i hoped to force myself into making quick decisions, creating things instinctively. 

After these 30 NIGHTS i will try to show these images in an expo and create a zine named 30 NIGHTS.  

What an incredible way of kicking creative energy into high gear. We'll be looking forward to seeing what DZIA churns out!  You can see much more of DZIA's work at

Two Chips

I don't remember where I initially discovered this video, but I do remember laughing with a possible snort or two.

It was created by the talented Adam Patch.

Adam is a Director, Designer, and Animator.  He's directed commercials for companies like Citi and LinkedIn

"Two Chips" hits a little closer to home.  One day Adam's slightly inebriated wife decided to tell him a joke that she came up with.  Adam recorded the joke and, thankfully, animated it for everyone to enjoy.

 Check it out below.

"Two Chips" by Adam Patch

You can check out more of his work at


Make it Mini

At Venture Artifacts we are all for the entrepreneur, the maker, and the artist.  While browsing r/entrepreneur on Reddit we stumbled on this brand new product that hit on all three of those categories.  Mini Materials is a new company fresh out of the blocks (pun intended).   They make 1/12 model scale cinder blocks and tiny pallets that can used for all kinds of creative endeavors.  I love the product, but really like the story behind the company's creation.
I encourage you to read the founder's story on Reddit.  It's a great example of overcoming the classic problem many perfectionists and creatives face with wanting everything to be exactly right before putting something out there.  

Here's a snippet of the Mini Materials story:

As a designer, I really wanted to focus on the imagery and the branding aspect. This is a problem because I really spend way too much time on these things and that's usually why any business ideas never get off the ground. So I gave myself two weeks to finish the design, branding, and website.

I used the Callisto theme from Shopify and went around making it match everything I had designed for the logo. I had pretty much no web design experience at all at this point, so messing with the HTML and CSS was slow going.

I got an LLC, made social media accounts, tested everything out with friends. All for a pretty low startup cost.

Before this, I had no idea how to do a 3D design, how to build a website, how to acquire a domain name, how to form an LLC, how to set up google voice, or even how to make miniature cinder blocks. I was able to force myself to figure all of this out in less than two months.

Remember, JUST SHIP! You can take care of the tweaks and fixes later.

I just bought the set of 24 blocks with a pallet. I can't wait to get them. I'm thinking the'll look pretty bad ass on my desk at work.

Get your own set at 

Use the discount code: VENTURE20 to save 20% on your order.

Follow Mini Materials on Twitter &  Facebook to see what they come up with next!