Make it Mini

At Venture Artifacts we are all for the entrepreneur, the maker, and the artist.  While browsing r/entrepreneur on Reddit we stumbled on this brand new product that hit on all three of those categories.  Mini Materials is a new company fresh out of the blocks (pun intended).   They make 1/12 model scale cinder blocks and tiny pallets that can used for all kinds of creative endeavors.  I love the product, but really like the story behind the company's creation.
I encourage you to read the founder's story on Reddit.  It's a great example of overcoming the classic problem many perfectionists and creatives face with wanting everything to be exactly right before putting something out there.  

Here's a snippet of the Mini Materials story:

As a designer, I really wanted to focus on the imagery and the branding aspect. This is a problem because I really spend way too much time on these things and that's usually why any business ideas never get off the ground. So I gave myself two weeks to finish the design, branding, and website.

I used the Callisto theme from Shopify and went around making it match everything I had designed for the logo. I had pretty much no web design experience at all at this point, so messing with the HTML and CSS was slow going.

I got an LLC, made social media accounts, tested everything out with friends. All for a pretty low startup cost.

Before this, I had no idea how to do a 3D design, how to build a website, how to acquire a domain name, how to form an LLC, how to set up google voice, or even how to make miniature cinder blocks. I was able to force myself to figure all of this out in less than two months.

Remember, JUST SHIP! You can take care of the tweaks and fixes later.

I just bought the set of 24 blocks with a pallet. I can't wait to get them. I'm thinking the'll look pretty bad ass on my desk at work.

Get your own set at 

Use the discount code: VENTURE20 to save 20% on your order.

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